Awards and Recognition

Mercedez Benz Innovation Challenge 2019

We presented our innovative vehicle tracking and telematics solutions to the Mercedez Benz Innovation challenge in East London, February of 2019. We were finalists in the category of innovative solutions.

Out groundbreaking technology involved, our in-house telematics hardware device microcomputer that collects vehicle data from OBD and other sensor, including but not limited to engine sensors, driving habbits, location, speed and acceleration.

The data is collected and verified by the microcomputer and directly logged on to the cloud blockchain platform, where its origin is verified by the digital signature of the microcomputer.

Govtech SMME/Start-up Awards 2019

Our in-house brand 'Sokoni Business Market' was nominated and made it as finalists to the Govtech2019 SMME awards - given to Up and Coming ICT brands that have the potential to create jobs in the long-term. We were recognised as a company that has an impact in improving service delivery and the lives of fellow South Africans.

The recognition and award was welcomed, as delivered by the Chaiperson of SITA to our Founder Bertha Kgokong in the picture shown, delivered at Govtech 2019 held at Durban Iinternational Convention Center on the 27th October 2019.

Tati Mission and Values

We aim to make every aspect of doing business simpler through technology innovation. We do technology, so you can do business. We are your technology partner, team and specialists.


Innovation drives everything that we do, we find the latest technologies and innovative solutions to help our clients get more value out of their assets and investment.


We belive in being efficient in everything that we do, we also ensure that our products and services will increase business and process efficieny for our clients. Our solution will always make our clients more efficient.


We believe that best results are always obtained from the most diverse of teams. Therefore we aim to develop and upskill previously disadvantaged individuals to help us build a more diverse company and contribute to the diversity of the industry.


We aim to be the "go to" team for advanced and custom software development.


At Tati, we endeavour to innovate, solve problems and build amazing products that improve how we do business and live life.