Customer Relationship Management
for fast paced Organisations

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Manage Customer Identities, Sales Funnels

Personalised CRM, Messaging Platform and Video Conferencing - all in ONE

We can help you develop Custom CRM for your organisation to help you manage Customer Accounts, from lead stage, opportunity development to client account management.

Keep track of how many leads you get per month, per salesperson and how well you convert leads in your company to paying clients. Keep all your client records, interactions, meeting notes etc in one secure place.

Achieve all this in a simple cloud based solution with a fixed monthly fee, based on the size of your organisation. No contracts, pay as you go solution which is ideal for small and start-up/scale-up organisations.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing intergration with Jitsi, a great alternative to Zoom and Webex.

Connect with Outlook 365 or Google Calendar - and send meeting invite links to your clients, team directly as a meeting invite.

Share your screen, documents and record meetings - no limit on meeting duration and members.

We provide a secure meeting environment for your company, within your own CRM and Cloud Environment - which allows you to meet your clients with confidence.

Messaging Platform

Easy to use Messaging platform for your organisation, employees and clients. This is a great alternative to Slack with No installations required or long registration processes. The Admin can create accounts for messaging or just allow people to register seamlesly with email and password.

Keep in touch with your clients with a secure messaging platform, hosted on a cloud with the highest security measures to ensure privacy for your client discussions.

Create as many messaging channels as you like, create private and public channels - share documents, files while messaging.